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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio is what indicates the proportion of the exact textual content of an internet web page.
The code to text ratio right here represents the html code that is related to every your web site whereas text represents the actual written content material on a web web page.
This code to text ratio checker computes the percentage or the content ratio based totally on text and html code.
This is what engines like google and crawlers use to pick out the relevancy of an internet page

The code to text ratio is a essential issue of any website.
It's far proper that search engine optimization experts maintain debating on the problem and its relevance in terms of engines like google.
Maximum search engines like google use the code to textual content ratio, so it offers you a main gain over your competition and across all serps if you have a better code to text ratio for your website.

You can use the code to Text Ratio checker without problems and fast calculate the share of the text on a given internet page.
This tool which is likewise called the web page text tool or the visible text ratio calculates the share of the visible text inside the body of the web page code as opposed to the invisible data of net pages consisting of its html code or the picture tags.